Configuration file options

Both the basic configuration and the plugin configuration of Lala takes place in a central configuration file.

The basic options, which can be set in the base section, are:

  • server

    The server to connect to.

  • port

    The port on which the server listens.

  • nick

    The nick of the bot.

  • admins

    A comma-separated list of people allowed to issue admin-only commands (like reconnect or quit) to the bot.

  • nickserv_password


    The password which is used to identify with Nickserv.

  • channels


    A comma-separated list of channels which are joined automatically after connection to the server.

  • fallback_encoding


    Lala assumes all messages received are UTF-8 encoded. If that’s not the case, this is the second encoding to try.

  • plugins


    A comma-separated list of plugins to load at startup. The plugin “base” is always loaded, it contains basic commands like “help” and “reconnect”.

  • debug


    if “yes”, this has the same effect as specifying –verbose on the command line.