Lala IRC Bot

class*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: twisted.words.protocols.irc.IRCClient

action(user, channel, data)[source]

Called when a user performs an ACTION on a channel.

irc_RPL_WHOISREGNICK(prefix, params)[source]

Called after joining a channel.

lineRate = 1
modeChanged(user, channel, set, modes, args)[source]

The mode of a user has been changed. If it was added by Chanserv and the user is in the admin list, append him to identified_admins.

msg(channel, message, log, length=None)[source]

Sends message to channel.

Depending on log, the message will be logged or not.

Do not use this method from plugins, use lala.util.msg() instead.

noticed(user, channel, message)[source]

Same as for NOTICEs.

privmsg(user, channel, message)[source]

Handles received messages.


Called after a connection to the server has been established.

Joins all configured channels and identifies with Nickserv.

userJoined(user, channel)[source]

Handles join events.

userKicked(user, message)[source]
userLeft(user, channel)[source]
userQuit(user, message)[source]
versionName = 'lala'
versionNum = '0.5.dev125+gf14a51a'