Lala is available on the Python Package Index. This makes installing it with pip as easy as:

pip install lala


If you want the latest code or even feel like contributing, the code is available on Github.

You can easily clone the code with git:

git clone git://

Now you can start hacking on the code or install it system-wide:

python2 install


Setting up the bot is relatively easy: Simply copy the supplied example config file from:


to either:




or (if the latter is not set):


After that, you can modify the config file as you wish.

Starting the bot

Starting the bot is very easy as it installs a twistd plugin:

twistd lala

For now, only a --verbose option is provided which makes the output written to the log file more verbose.

Additionally, twistd itself offers a few options, use:

twistd --help

to view them.